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CompuTrainer Classes

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General Information: A CompuTrainer is an unparalleled indoor bike trainer which measures power wattage, cadence, and heart rate. Professional athletes, and zealous triathletes and cyclists use CompuTrainers to train hard on their own saddles, and increase their fitness while riding indoors on their own bike. PerfPro Studio software will provide simulated bike routes of famous bike courses, including famous triathlon and Iron-distance events. Whether you are looking for a way to stay in shape over the winter, or working towards a triathlon, or century bike ride, a CompuTrainer can help you achieve your goal in a fun group setting!


2 hour sessions are available. Each session offers 10 CompuTrainers with the option of riding a workout specific to that day, or a different course. 8 CompuTrainers will be designated to ride the workout specific to the day, and 2 CompuTrainers will have the option of either riding the workout specific to the day, or a different course; the 2 CompuTrainers will have to ride the same program.  Even though riders may be riding the same workout/course, each can ride to their own ability. It is recommended to determine your FTP (Functional Threshold Power), as this will be beneficial to your CompuTrainer training. For more information regarding FTP Testing/Pricing, contact Greg at Deerfield Cyclery

Covid-19 Safety Protocol:

  • Temperature will be taken prior to class - Please arrive 15 mins prior to class to for temperature check

  • All participants must wear masks when NOT exercising

  • All employees and participants must practice social distancing

  • All trainers are divided by sheets of Plexiglass

  • The studio will be cleaned and disinfected prior to each class with an electrostatic sprayer

Opens: November 2, 2023 - March 31, 2024

  • $440 for 5 months unlimited PLUS FREE BICYCLE STORAGE*

  • $100 per month unlimited PLUS FREE BICYCLE STORAGE*

  • $15 drop-in

**Free storage for first 50 clients; see Bicycle Storage Information below for more details**

Information and Policies:

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to start time for set up, calibration, and warm up

  • You are responsible for setting up and taking down your own bike

  • Rides start promptly at designated times

  • Do not leave your bicycle, or any other items

  • Any items left behind will be put in the lost-and-found for one week; if left unclaimed, items will be donated after 7 days

  • Any empty spaces will be released to drop-ins


What to bring:

  • Your own bicycle; a smooth rear wheel/trainer tire is recommended

  • A rear wheel skewer (CompuTrainers require the rear wheel skewer)

  • Padded shorts (not required, but will help to make your ride more enjoyable)

  • Cycling shoes

  • Towel

  • Water bottle, and any nutritional supplements

  • Garmins and heart-rate monitors

*Rear trainer tires are recommended as tread will wear down on the rear wheel*

Available for purchase:

  • Trainer Skewers $16.00

  • Training Tire (with installation) $49.99


Bicycle Storage Information:

  • First 50 clients who sign up for unlimited monthly use have the option of free bicycle storage.

  • Clients utilizing the bicycle storage must sign bike in, and out.

  • Storage includes: bicycle and spin shoes (any other items left behind will be put in lost and found).

  • Lost and found items will be donated after one week.

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